Whether you’re still in the process of curating your fall wardrobe or you’re looking for tips to make it easier for you next fall, one tip I can give you is to choose a color palette to stick with. Now, fall typically reminds us of warm, rich, and earthy tones but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to just those colors throughout the entire season. Livening up your fall wardrobe by adding bright colors is quite genius, too. It’s a great technique especially for transitioning from summer to fall. Here’s a great color palette guide to inspire you.

Denim and camel

There’s something about the combination of these two that make them look so versatile and so classy together. Denim lends the look a very chill and casual vibe while the camel tones add a touch of elegance and class to it, creating a look that you can virtually wear anywhere.

Black and yellow

Black is one of, if not the most, versatile colors you can wear. However, it can be one of the dullest and most boring, too. The key to keeping your fall wardrobe from looking drab even with a lot of black in it is to wear your black pieces with bright and cheery colors like yellow. Here are some black and yellow outfit combos that are sure to inspire you.

Blue and orange

The combination of blue and orange for fall will send all other color combinations home running. It’s not something you see every day but it’s definitely something you can and will want to wear every single day. What’s great about this is that you can pick from all shades of blue and orange to mix and match, including ones with cooler tones, and it’s guaranteed to work well.

Army green and red

Ugh, green and red — so Christmas-y. Too Christmas-y for some, even. Is there a way that you can pull off this color combo without looking like a giant walking Christmas tree? Surprisingly, yes, there is a way to do that and that’s by swapping out the usual pine green hue with something a little more muted like army green.

Wine and gray

It’s a gorgeous color combo so why aren’t we seeing more of wine and gray worn together? Cool toned grays mixed with dark, rich wine never fails to make any fall outfit look so much more sophisticated, don’t you agree?