Today’s top five tips are all about creating the modern farmhouse style in your home! I’ve got some easy ideas for achieving the Fixer Upper-look that we all crave these days and it’s really not as hard as you think! Here goes…

1. White walls and shiplap.

I’m lumping these two together because they pretty much go hand-in-hand when we’re talking modern farmhouses. In my opinion (and that of Joanna Gaines…or at least that’s what I would like to believe she would say!) you can’t really have a modern farmhouse without these two important elements. And if you’re scared of white paint…well, suck it up and go for it. I promise you’ll love it!

And DIY shiplap is a project that is a lot easier than you might think! If your local hardware store will cut your boards for you and you can use a nail gun then you’re all set!

2. Rustic wood.

This can be used in a number of ways from an oversized farm table to a barn wood accent wall or island. If you don’t want to buy a farm table or spend the time or money on a construction project add in this essential element through your accessories in the form of a large dough bowl, vase or mirror. A mantel is also a great place to use rustic wood beams!

3. Black accents/wrought iron.

Black accents are key in achieving the modern farmhouse look, often seen in industrial-style light fixtures and cabinet hardware. I’m seeing a lot of matte black these days too and I’m loving it! Black painted door and window frames are also great ways to add that signature black.

4. Classic patterns and texture.

Modern farmhouse style consists of an overall neutral palette but it’s important to throw a little pattern in the mix by way of a striped throw blanket or a subway tile backsplash. Cozy throws or textured rugs are a perfect way to add some comfort to this style that can lean a little on the cold side if you’re not careful. Greenery and other earthy tones will also help break up the white backdrop.

5.  Cozy furniture.

Slipcovered sofas and chairs or warm tufted leather sectionals are two great examples of furniture that works in a modern farmhouse room. They don’t have to be oversized but the cozier the better!

BONUS TIP: I know this isn’t always an option if you’re just trying to do a little re-decorating, but sliding barn doors scream modern farmhouse and if you can find a way to put one in your home I would highly recommend it!