If you wish to hide the few further pounds that are a pain in your ass you must avoid some mistakes that make you look fatter.

Below you’ll realize some amazing advice to know what to wear and what not so you can look your best.

1. Tight-fitting clothes

If you’ve got some extra pounds you shouldn’t wear shiny tight clothes because you’ll look even fatter. however, do you do when you love tight dresses? Well, you’ll wear a formed dress made up of soft material because it won’t cause you to look stiff. you can wear additionally a fluid coat over to hide your posterior.

2. Poor quality materials

Stretch dresses and tights made from synthetic materials should disappear from your closet. they’ll only “point the finger” to your additional pounds!

A prime quality material dress can bit gentle your body not highlight your flaws.

3. Skinny jeans

We strongly believe that every woman has the right to enjoy a pair of skinny jeans, tailored to her own size! This jeans pattern will always be loved by the female spirit! however, that doesn’t mean they look good on everybody. they’re known as skinny for a really good reason – skinny people are those how should wear it.

4. Oversize clothes

The first rule you must think about when you are wearing oversized clothing items is to mix them with tight-fitting items. sadly, if you’re handling extra pounds, this rule doesn’t always help you! however, if you match a large coat with legging you’ll seem like you’ve been “swallowed”.

Also, sportswear composed of hoodies and large sweatpants isn’t a marvelous choice. You’ll fall in “plus size ladies” trap: trying to hide your extra pounds in bulky clothes that create the opposite effect.

5. Thick Jackets

We have unhealthy news for thick jackets lovers: yes, they keep us warm and were very trendy, however they contribute to the most awful style mistakes, creating us look fatter than we actually are. but if you allow your coat open within the waist space you’ll body will take shape. It’s the most effective answer for short ladies.

6. Bouffant or pleated skirt

If you’re handling your extra pounds and you’re not very tall, you’re making a big big mistake by wearing this kind of skirt.

A bouffant or pleated skirt will make you look much fatter than you really are.