I am sure you can agree with me when I say that the process of getting 6 pack abs can be a pain in the booty! Planks are hard and obtaining those lower two packs are seemingly i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e! Don’t lose faith just yet. What if I told you that there are only THREE simple tricks that you can apply today to get the core you’ve always dreamed of (and deserve).

Secret #1: Be Consistent

My number one and best secret to getting a stronger, more defined core is consistency. If you are going to the gym and spending a majority of your time focused on your upper or lower body and are not making times for your core (daily) then the road to abs will be long my friend. When I first set out on my 6 pack journey I went all in. I did two 30 day ab challenges and after those 60 days not only did I have the abs of my dreams but I also boosts my performance overall. Our core is the center of our bodies (literally). No matter which muscles you are targeting your abs should ALWAYS be engaged!

So how do you develop the self-discipline and drive to remain consistent on your ab journey? Make a plan! One of my favorite Benjamin Franklin quotes is “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” If you are unsure how to make a 30 day ab challenge well Google is your best friend. There are tons of free online ab challenges that you can use to help you stay on track over the next 30 days.

Secret #2: The 80/20 Diet Rule

Have you ever heard of the saying abs are made in the kitchen? If you are putting in consistent time at the gym for 1-2 hours and then eating junk the rest of the 22 hours, you are doing yourself a disservice. We are what we eat and abs are not formed by consuming sugary beverages and processed foods. I practice the 80/20 rule. 80% of my diet is fueled with colorful veggies, whole grains, simple proteins, and natural sugars. The other 20% is all the foods that make our taste buds have a wild party in our mouths. Not even I can turn down the occasional glazed donut or bowl of warm mac and cheese (mmmm). A few simple tricks I use to make sure my diet is fueled with healthy foods are the following:

  • If you don’t buy it, you cannot eat it. Only buy foods that are on track with your goals when grocery shopping.
  • Meal prep once every week. This will help you avoid situations where you are starving and the fastest solution to satisfy your growling stomach is a drive-thru (or just say fast food).
  • Practice time restrictive eating. This will help you avoid eating all times of day, especially at night when you’re most likely to be inactive.

Secret #3: Do Ab Exercises Everyday

know what you’re thinking. Performing ab exercises everyday cannot be good for me, especially if I am sore. Hear me out here. Remember tip number 1, be consistent? If you are on this accelerated ab journey then pushing your core each day is critical. I suggest 3-4 ab exercises 6 days of the week (2-4 rounds) and then planks on the 7th day. If you are hugging the ground 30 seconds into your plank because your core is exhausted, that’s okay you’re building strength!

In addition to daily ab exercises, it is super important that you burn unnecessary fat. This can be done by doing a slow-medium pace run for 2 hours (booooooring) or my favorite is interval workouts! When we do intense lifting or a faster pace run, our bodies will use carbohydrates as energy instead of fat because carbs are more easily converted to energy. We do not want this to happen. Interval workouts are not only fun but they are effective. It’s as easy as 30 second sprints followed by your favorite ab exercises for 20 minutes.