Just as in fashion, trends in beauty / makeup change with the seasons. For spring and summer, it’s usually all about bright colors and vibrant hues as well as fresh and light makeup. For fall and winter, things take a dramatic turn and makeup gets a little heavier while the colors used get richer and darker.

For the past few year, though, fall makeup has been a lot more expressive and experimental, utilizing colors from the warmer seasons and borrowing some of the light and bright colors as well. here are some beauty looks to revisit this fall.

Crazy liner

Forget about the usual Kohl-rimmed look you give your eyes. This fall, experiment more with your eye liner and don’t be afraid to add a little bit of fun to your look. Try a double wing or create something subtly graphic with your liner. Liquid and gel liners work best for this but pencils are okay, too.

Berry lips


Berry lips are a fall staple when it comes to makeup looks. It’s one of those things that would never go out of style as far as fall makeup is concerned. There are plenty of berry shades to choose from but my personal preference is anything matte. I just think it adds so much drama to the look without being over the top.

Shimmery lids

If you’re into all natural looks, this may not be something you could consider useful but if you love looking glam then this is probably something that you’d love. Shimmery lids can be achieved in a number of ways. You can use metallic eye shadows, you can use shimmer shadows, foil shadows, glitters or, if you’re feeling more theatrical, you can also utilize sequins.

Sultry smokey eye

Another fall staple that you should definitely revisit this fall is the smoky eye look. You know those ‘blacker than black’ eye shadow colors that came with your eye shadow palette? Those are the ones you’ll need to create this look. Quick tip: create a smoky eye in 3 minutes by using soft and creamy pencil / Kohl liner on your lids and smudging them. Line your eyes with the same product and you’re good to go.

Natural looking lashes