Over 25% of the American population is experiencing knee pain as we speak and some may disagree but this issue is in fact an underlying cause for chronic.

Even if the case is that you aren’t suffering from knee pain, you might be experiencing pain from minor injuries or fatigue quite often, and we’re sure that they are an inconvenience which you don’t like having in your way preventing you from performing your everyday activities.

Thus we bring you some amazing news. Throughout this article we will acquaint you the 6 ultimate exercises that will quickly rid you from the hip, knee and feet pain and it will get you back to normal!

Toe Walking


This happens to be quite a simple workout that can be executed while you are doing something else at the same time. What you need to do is just walk around or do it standing up, however you have to do it just on your toes not on your entire foot.

This will also manage to strengthen your feet balls, toes and calves. The exercise ought to last for around 15 minutes, however  if you can, stay in that position for as long as possible.

Heel Raises

This particular exercise requires a chair. You have to position yourself behind it. Take the chair and lift one leg by simply bending your knee. Then lift up the leg you are leaning on, on your toes, and bring your heel down gradually.

Repeat this exercise 10 or 15 times with both legs interchangeably. By doing this you will be able to reinforce your ankle and knee muscles.

Resistance Band

You need to fix a resistance bend on the leg of the couch or a chair, then put one of your legs under it, and bend that knee slightly. Then use your toes to grab the band, and try to bring it towards you, it’s like pulling it.

The knee should be going towards your head. Then go back in the starting position. Do 15 reps of the exercise with each leg. With this simple exercise you will be able to reinforce your outer thigh muscles and your calves.

Ankle Circles

Raise one of your feet up high, and do circular motions with it for around 10 minutes. The circles ought to be outwards and inwards. Do this exercise 2 or 3 times with each leg.

Walking on Balls

Find yourself a tennis ball and place it on the floor. Grab a chair and have a sit. Put your feet on top of the tennis ball, and softly apply pressure on the ball and move it back and forth, massaging both top and end of your foot. Perform this exercise for 10 minutes with both legs.

Toe Games

Stand up straight and try to touch the ground with your toes by bending them. To simplify it even more, place a towel beneath your feet and try to use your toes to grab the towel.