If you’re about to walk down the aisle and tie the knot with the love of your life soon, I’m pretty sure you’re already scouring the internet for inspiration on lots of different things for your wedding. One of the first things a bride-to-be searches for is inspiration for her dress, her makeup and, of course, her hair. The hair is the one part of your look that just ties everything together. Some of the most popular hairstyle choices for brides to be include updos, waves, curls and braids. I personally like braids on brides just because they’re the right amount of girly and romantic and they make any hairstyle look ten times lovelier. If you’re still looking for inspiration on how to wear your hair on your wedding day, here are some ideas for braided bridal hairstyles that you might like.

Dutch milkmaid braid 

Got a gorgeous dress to wear on your wedding day for all your guests to see? Make sure every little detail on that dress is visible by wearing your hair in an updo. One classic braided bridal hairstyle that you can wear on your wedding day is a Dutch milkmaid braid. It’s great if you aren’t going to be wearing a tiara or any other hair jewelry on your hair for your wedding day because this hairstyle will have lots of things going on in your hair. You can have it done messy or sleek, depending on the look that you plan on going for on our wedding day.

Half up waterfall braids

If you want something really simple and soft for your hair on your wedding day, try doing a half up waterfall braid on your hair. It won’t look like a full braid so it would be great to do this hairstyle with wavy or curly hair to get some volume and texture going. Since the waterfall braid is a little tricky to do and perfect, you might want to have a hair stylist do it for you, just to make sure your hair looks immaculate on your big day.

Braided chignon

We all know a chignon is one of the chicest, most classic and most timeless hairstyles for bridal looks but if you’re looking for something more than just the regular, traditional chignon, why not have braids incorporated in it? Braids will add a more romantic look to the classic chignon and will make it look more ‘bridal’.

Side fishtail braid

If you’re getting hitched this summer, I’m sure you’ll want a hairstyle that would work with your dress, your makeup and the hot weather too! Fishtail braids are super popular for summer so why not have your hair done in a fishtail braid with a girly and romantic bridal twist? I find that hairstyles done on one side rather than the center always looks softer and more dreamy so a side fishtail braid, I think, would look really perfect on any summer bride.

Embellished braids

If you’re doing your own hair on your wedding day and you plan on doing a foolproof simple classic, you might find later on that your hair isn’t as lovely and lively as you have imagined it to be. If this is the case, why not try adding cute and tiny little embellishments on your braids like flowers or whatnot to make the simplest braided hairstyle look more romantic?