Winter nail colors are special just like the season itself. In order to keep up with winter trends and look at your best when the holidays come, we have created a nice gallery featuring nail designs that are going to be on the edge of popularity this winter. In case that sounds interesting to you – hop in!

Beautiful Winter Matte Nail Designs

Winter colored nails with matte top are a must have for this season. It does not matter which shades you prefer most, light ones or dark ones, there is always something to your taste. In case you are not a huge fan of glitter but the season demands, opt for dark red nail art with a hint of pink-shaded glitter.

Stylish Red And Burgundy Shades

Beautiful Blue Winter Colors for Nails

Cute winter nails look awesome when pastel pink shades are involved. Especially if you opt for a splash of silver sparkles as unique-looking and elegant ombre. It definitely looks like something you should try this winter!

Shimmery Glitter Nails for Bright Look on Christmas

Your winter color nails should look bright when the Christmas season hits. Nude-shaded winter nail designs combined with gold glitter is a perfect suggestion for the occasion. Do not trust us? See for yourself!