The wedding is a special occasion for every girl, and everything is supposed to be well planned and perfect about it. Especially when it comes to picking the wedding gown. It is true that most ladies prefer to stick to classics and opt for white hues prevailing. However, there are those of you who think that a wedding is a day to remember and looking like everyone else is unacceptable. Black wedding dresses are usually the choice of Goth queens or Halloween fans. Nevertheless, we are going to show you that there is some clearly undeniable charm about such a dress even if you are not a Goth or a Halloween addict. Times are changing and if you want to wear a black gown when your wedding day comes – go for it, and we are going to provide the freshest and trendiest ideas in our turn!

Monochromatic Black Wedding Dresses

Gothic Black Dress With Lace Sleeves

If you are looking for traditional gothic wedding dresses ideas to introduce into your wedding look, then there are few things to keep in mind. The thing is that a true gothic dress is supposed to be long and flowing, not to mention the amount of lace present. If too much lace is not your cup of tea, then make sure that at least lace sleeves are present.

Simple But Elegant Black Wedding Dress With Sleeves

It is true that there are many black wedding dresses with sleeves available these days. However, it is essential that you come up with a complete look before you go on a shopping spree. For instance, if you do not want to wear anything pompous on your big day, then a simple but elegant wedding dress with long sleeves is precisely what you need.

Fitted Lace Dress With Sleeves

Black lace wedding dresses come in many shapes and styles that is why it may be quite difficult to come up with one. If you are looking for a dress to accent your feminine shape in the first place, then we may have an idea in mind. This lace dress with long sleeves is sweet and charming looking despite the coloring.

Chic Layered Black Wedding Dress


Very often women look for dresses that are more or less traditional despite the black color. If you are one of them, then this example is what you need to get inspired with. The thing is that the layered bottom part of the dress is responsible for that wedding look charm that many look for, while the top remains reserved and elegant in its blackness.

Ultra-Glam Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Some ladies wish to look like real queens when the day comes. If you are one of them, but you still want to rock a black wedding dress – you have come to the right place. The thing is that this extra glamourous wedding dress may be your best bet. Everything seems to be perfect and royal looking about it.

Graceful Black Mermaid Gown

Black mermaid wedding dresses deserve special attention. The thing is that the style itself will make everyone around you gasp with admiration. However, the color and the lace details will only add up to the exciting vibe this dress glows with. If you are looking for over the edge elegant and stylish dress, then this is the one, that is for sure!

High Low Wrap Wedding Dress

Even though weddings are mostly about the traditions, we say that you can combine the trend and tradition in one. This wrap dress is the perfect proof to the point. While it is still an admirable wedding dress, it is absolutely fashionable and trendy.

Classic V-Necked Wedding Gown

To tell you the truth some ladies value class and style above all. Even when you decide to experiment with the coloring, all the rest should be as close to the classic look as possible. This beautiful V-neck dress firs the description like nothing else. Don’t you think?

One Shoulder Ruffed Wedding Dress

There are times when all that matters is that you keep it simple. Of course, that does not mean that you are going to attend your wedding dressed casually. However, one shoulder off, fitted silk black dress is one of the best options. It is elegant and simple, but it is surely bride-worthy!

Shoulders Off Wedding Dress With Sequins

Light wedding dress may seem to be easier to decorate. However, black wedding dresses do not lag behind. The thing is that when you need to add that extra bling to your look, we suggest you pay your attention to sequin-decorated black dress like this one.

Contrasting Wedding Dresses

Goth-Chic Black And White Wedding Gown

For some people, it may be quite difficult to choose between a black or white dress when it comes to the wedding look. In times like these, there is nothing better than black and white wedding dresses. For example, this wedding dress is all black, flowing lace, while the bottom skirt is pure white peeking through the lace. Such a dress will surely add up to your feminine and charming bridal look.

Wedding Gown Black And Champagne Combo

Of course, white is not the only hue that goes well with black. Many brides refer to black hue because white one does not compliment them well. If that is your case, you can easily switch white for the champagne color and combine it with black for the killer effect.

Black Lace Wedding Dress With White Gown

One of the most requested contrasting combination when it comes to wedding dresses is surely a mixture of black and white. However, this example shows entirely different combo since the top, and the bottom are those contrasting pieces. We can’t but agree that the outcome is clearly breathtakingly gorgeous!

Black Wedding Dresses With Colorful Accents

Black Wedding Dress With Embroidered Red Flowers

We all know that details matter, however when shiny ones are not your cup of tea, it is time you consider some alternatives. The thing is that floral embroidery is suitable for wedding, what is more, it fits black dress more than well. With such a detailed addition, your dress will become a real piece of art!

Dramatic Short Black And Red Wedding Dress

There are brides who are all about breaking the rules. If you are one of them – we have something stored for you as well. The thing is that a short black wedding dress is not something you can spot on a regular wedding. However, what makes it stand out is the bright red lining. Are you sure you are ready to rock something as dramatic on your big day?

Black And Gold Wedding Dress

Some colors seem to be created to match each other. If you think about black and gold, you will surely agree that it is true. Black and gold wedding dresses are so luxurious and magnetic looking that there is not a chance that your groom will be able to take the eyes of you!

Black And Nude Wedding Dress

The sassy vibe is not the last thing to keep in mind when it comes to your wedding look. That is why if you care about both sassiness and style then we have a suitable option in mind. The truth is that this dress is not only nice to look at – it is intriguing since it is hard to tell whether it is revealing or reserved!

Luxury Effect With Gold And Silver Sparkles

There is so much bling coming up from this black wedding dress that it is hard to define that it is actually black. If you were all about the super luxurious style, then this would be the perfect option for you!