Love is a beautiful thing. We all desire to love and to be loved. But if care isn’t taken, you can be blindly in love with a loser without knowing. It happens even to the strongest of us.

Who is a loser? What are the signs that you’re dating a loser? Find them below:

He brings nothing to the table (except sex maybe)

Relationship is a partnership thing, it shouldn’t be parasitic, it should be symbiotic. You should be benefiting from each other and contributing positively to each other’s life.

A loser brings nothing to the table and isn’t adding anything positive to your life except frequent trips to orgasmic cloud nine.

If that’s all you want in a relationship, I guess it’s a win for you as well.

But if you want more, and you are the ONLY one funding the relationship and ensuring that things go well, then you might be dating a loser.

He has no future ambition

A loser has no future ambition. Or, to be fair on him, he has pipeline dreams. He has dreams so big he doesn’t want to start small.

He has an exaggerated opinion of himself and thinks he’s too big to be involved in small projects.

You might be funding his big plans already without any result to show for it. He’s always talking about one business or the other and the big profits and rewards.

He thinks he’s doing you a favour by dating you

A loser thinks relationship is meant for ladies, so you’re privileged to have him. This is why he’ll leave you to see to the running of the relationship. He won’t make an effort to make it work.

He uses the marriage promise to get things from you

Because he thinks it’s you who needs a relationship or marriage, he’ll keep promising you marriage so that he can keep benefiting from you.

He can be getting money from you, using your car(s), or even living in your apartment.

He has no plan for you or for the relationship

A loser doesn’t know the fate of your relationship. He doesn’t have plans for himself, how can he have plans for you?

Sometimes, he might have plans to get married to you so that you can shoulder the responsibilities of the marriage. He has plans after all.

He feels entitled

Not only is a loser not bringing anything to the table, he’s never grateful for the effort that you put into the relationship.

He thinks he deserves it because he’s doing you a favour by dating you.

He gets angry when you’re unable to meet his demands.

He’s selfish

A loser only cares about himself. The relationship revolves around him and him only. He doesn’t care about you or he pretends to care. He finds it difficult to make compromises for your sake or for the relationship. He rarely goes out of his way for you except of course, there are attached benefits.

He’s insecure and jealous

A loser is usually suspicious and jealous. He’s insecure because he has nothing to offer and he fears that you’ll find another man that is worthy of you and he’ll lose you to him.

He might even be obsessed with you whereas you think he’s just being in love with you.

He’s usually handsome and is obsessed with his looks

A loser might be a typical fine guy whose only treasure is his looks, so he doesn’t joke with his physical appearance. Because that’s what homeboy has got to his name.

He cares so much about how he looks and what he wears more than necessary because that’s the bait he uses to catch unsuspecting ladies.

He doesn’t want to meet with important people in your life

A loser wouldn’t want to meet with your friends and family because he has nothing to boast of. He fears that your loved ones might see him for who he really is and discourage you from dating him.

He never takes responsibility

A loser blames everyone but himself for his mistakes and misfortunes. He never takes responsibility for the outcome of his choices.

He doesn’t have a mind of his own

A loser cannot make decisions on his own. He’s always seeking and taking his parents’ or friends’ opinions. He doesn’t even regard your own opinions.

Third parties’ opinions are of greater value to him.