Building and molding a right leg requires a lot of patience and effort, especially if we talk about the inner thighs. That is usually the forgotten muscle of our legs since it does not go into action unless we focus our training on it. So today, we are going to share inner thigh exercises that you should add without fail to your routine to tone up and show off those beautiful legs.

Inner Thigh Exercises


This fun variation of the classic squat focuses on the inner thighs and can execute without any equipment.

How to do it

  • Stand up straight, move your feet so that you are in the classic plie position- feet pointing outward, the core tight and as full as you can execute the movement properly (try for a width like that of the separation of the shoulders).
  • Keep your pelvis straight and the upper part of your body right, lower your body until your thighs are close or parallel to the ground. Do not force yourself but try.
  • Stay a moment and squeeze your glutes before returning to the starting position.
  • Feel free to support yourself with a park bench or even with a tree, make sure there is not too much dependence.

2. Squats With Weight

This exercise will work on all the muscles of the lower part of the body.

How To Do

  • Holding a vertical weight next to the chest, with both hands placed on the head of the dumbbell.
  • Lower the body by pushing your hips back and bending the knees.
  • Stop when the thighs are parallel to the ground (90ยบ angle), push up to recover the initial position.

3. Sumo Squat With Dumbbell

How To Do

  • Start by having an excessively broad position. The more separated your feet are, the more active your gluteal muscles and not your quadriceps (the front of your thighs).
  • Point your feet at 45 degrees away from your body. Hold the kettlebell in front of you (the arms should not flex), with your core tight and your back straight, bend your knees and send your hips back, lowering your body and dumbbell as far as you can without changing your position.
  • Try to carry all the weight to the ground without touching it.
  • Go back to the starting position, pressing your butt on the top of the movement. That is a repetition.
  • Try about four sets of 15 repetitions.

4. Sumo Squats With Medicine Ball

How to do it

  • The key with this exercise is to stand with feet more separated than the distance from the shoulders. The broader your posture forces the muscles of the inner thighs to work harder. The feet should point outwards.
  • Hold a medicine ball in front of your body once the feet are in position. The arms should hang freely during the first part of the movement.
  • Squat until the legs are parallel to the ground and make sure your abdomen is contracted.
  • Exhale as you get up.
  • Lift the medicine ball above the head, keeping the abdomen tight and the elbows soft, the shoulders relaxed and down, squeeze the buttocks as you lift the ball over your head, pause and lower to the starting position. Repeat.
  • Do three sets of 15 reps. Take 30 seconds of rest between sets.

5. Adductor Squat With Single Dumbbell

How to do it

  • Stand with your feet more apart than the distance from your hips, keep your back straight and your arms straight with the dumbbell in the middle.
  • Lower your body weight to a squat and then hold before you rise again to the starting position.
  • Do 10 to 12 repetitions.

6. Simple Sweep

How to do it

  • Stretch on the left side.
  • Half-built, bend the right knee and place the foot on the floor behind the left leg.
  • Now flex the left foot.
  • Lift the leg as you can, and lower it without touching the ground.
  • Do 25 repetitions per leg.

7. Heel Pressure

How to do it

  • In the same position, raise the left leg about 2 or 3 inches off the ground.
  • Flex the left foot, bring the knee to the chest and then press the heel while extending the leg without touching the ground.
  • Do 25 repetitions each side.

8. Lateral Stride With Sliding And Discs

Another exercise similar to the iron is the lateral strides also using the discs and/or towel.

How to do it

  • To perform, you must stand and step on a disc or towel with one foot.
  • As you go down, bend one knee slightly and keep the one that touches the extended disc.
  • Your hip should also go backward.
  • When you rise, control the movement very well and focus on feeling the effort on the inside of the leg.
  • Choose to perform this exercise without weight.
  • Do three sets of 15-20 repetitions if you get it but lower the reps to 8-12.
  • Rest 30 seconds between each series.

9. Side Lunges With Kettlebell

How to do it

  • Stand with your feet together, hold a kettlebell with your arms extended down.
  • Start by taking a big step to your left with your left leg, keep your body facing forward and your left foot looking slightly outward.
  • Bend your left knee and sit slightly back until your left thigh is parallel to the ground while keeping your right leg straight.
  • Pause, then push your left foot back to the beginning, repeating with the right leg.

10. Contraction Of Adductors With Pilates Ring

How to do it

This Pilates movement will strengthen your inner thighs and buttocks, which weaken with sitting for long periods.

How to do it

  • Start by lying down next to you with a Pilates ring or a ball between your ankles and your arms stretched out with your head relaxed.
  • Exhale and press the leg from top to bottom. Inhale to release. Keep the movement slow and controlled.
  • Repeat this 12 to 15 on each side.

11. Plie Jumps

How to do it

  • Stand with your legs at a distance higher than the shoulders, fingers pointing outwards and arms at your sides.
  • Squat until your thighs parallel to the ground. It is your initial position.
  • Jump as high as you can, keep your legs open by extending your arms above the head. Return to the starting position and repeat.
  • Repeat for 30 seconds.