Denim skirts are a staple in many women’s closet but, sometimes, even the most stylish fashion enthusiast runs out of ideas on how to wear it or what to wear with it. If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration, check out these fresh and fab ways to wear your denim skirt this fall.

With anything leopard print – the combo of anything with leopard prints or patterns is the perfect balance between chic and sexy.

Distressed with a cropped sweater – this is such a cute look and it’s got that back-to-school vibe to it.

With fall festival vibes – how do you combine fall vibes with festival vibes, you ask? Here’s an outfit that shows you exactly how.

Classically retro chic – this look is made up of all the staple fall pieces almost every woman has so it’s not that difficult to recreate.If you need a fail safe look for any fall weekend, this look makes an awesome candidate.

With fall stripes – hesitant about wearing too much color for your fall looks? This sweater with stripes of warm fall hues is the perfect one to wear with a denim skirt. It’s got a rich color and an interesting texture to it that just reminds you of the season.

With an off shoulder top – just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can no longer show at least a bit of skin. For the ladies out there in places where it doesn’t get too cold, this combo of a denim skirt and an off shoulder top is sure to be a favorite.

Mini with fishnet stockings underneath – another crowd-favorite way to wear denim skirts with a sexy vibe for fall is to layer it underneath with fishnet stockings.

Doubled up with denim – the denim on denim trend is a look that never disappoints. If you’re looking to get that chic yet utilitarian vibe, doubling up your denim is definitely the way to go.

Classic 90s – denim miniskirt + knee high boots (or higher) is a great way to throw it back to the 90s. If you wanna go all out, you can accessorize with a chunky brown belt or maybe even block-heeled boots.

At maxi length – when talking about denim skirts, we almost always usually think of miniskirts or short denim skirts but maxi denim skirts are just as stylish, especially when worn with the right top, shoes, and accessories.Here are some outfit inspirations that you can get ideas from.